middle length film I Writer & Director

Austria 1929: The film is about a young prostitute named Luisa, who kills people that want to die. She tries to show people the the thin line between murder and euthanasia.

2019 Barcelona International Film Festival Winner
2019 ARFF Berlin Finalist Best Director
2018 Gold Movie Awards London Finalist

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middle length film I Writer & Director

"Neonicide" - the term describes the phenomenon of mothers who kill their baby right after the birth. These women deny the pregnancy. In some cases even their body don`t react correctly. These scene shows the birth - and explains the mood of the film very well.

Creativity Rules Festival Hallein „Neo“ Screening

Nelavie - Teilzeitfeminist

musicvideo, 2021 I Directing, DOP & Post
Artist & Director: Nelavie

The song deals with a socially critical theme. Feminism is a word with strong connotations in politics and at work. But how does one deal with it privately, within a friendship, with a flirt or in a relationship? How much should one deal with it in everyday life? The song is meant to encourage people to reflect on their own actions. It's about talking about it and listening to each other.


short experimental film, 2020 I
Idea, Editor

A visual poem about "Life" and "lived".
Healthy tissue is confronted with dead skin tissue. Flowering plants contrast with tobacco. Everything is wonderful and everything fades away. The honey flows. And hopefully this time is over soon.