LUISA is a 30 min period drama: Austria 1929. Luisa is a young Prostitute who kills people that want to die.Suddenly her actions are no longer a secret anymore and she gets faced with bifocal perspectives.Luisa tries to show people the thin line between murder and euthanasia but she doesn`t get much sympathy and becomes sentenced to Death.The film is about the grey area in the legal system. The aim is to discuss two contrary point of views and the thin line between euthanasia and homicide.

Director: Daniela Jud, Production: Mariia Deikova
Cinematographer: Georg Sommer, Art Direction: Kerstin Gatterbauer


The 4 minute short film „“ is about a Syrian refugee child who writes her thoughts and feelings towards puberty and intolerance into her diary called “Kitty”.

Director: Markus Lerchbaum
DOP: Daniela Jud
Gaffer: Georg Sommer
Art Direction: Dominik Wieland




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